Disruption 2018

Solo exhibition at Galleri NB, Viborg DK.


Opening speech notes:


-the word itself has become quite the buzzword recently - in a technological and political sense. Here, the term has roughly become synonymous with what happens when companies develop new products and technologies that break down existing technologies and products on the market.

But when I use it as the headline for my exhibition, it is actually more in the general and basic meaning of the word - which is something along the terms of collapse, breakdown, disturbance. So when I feel this is a good headline for my exhibition, it is because I see the concept from a human and existential perspective, where it really is more indicative of how the outer reality - the development in the world and our society - disrupts or affect our inner life and existence.

The reality that we live in today is in many ways very turbulent and fragmented - and there are lots of new technologies and new social media emerging, we are exposed to disturbances and information that we need to relate to, and there are endless amounts of opportunities and choices we have to make.

This is opposed to us as human beings - with our whole biology and psychology, which in many ways may not be geared to the development that is happening around us. In both philosophy and psychology there is talk of the fact that we have a fundamental and innate need for coherence and meaning in our lives - that there must be a red thread in our existence. And if there isn't - then a whole lot of internal problems can arise. To me there is some form of contradiction between what we are “constructed for” and how we have actually chosen to organise society and it affects us. One can just take a look at how diagnoses such as stress, burnout and anxiety have become so frequent that one speaks of it as a public disease.

My works grow out of the fact that I of course myself live in that world - and that I react to my time. And in my works, this contradiction is seen and investigated from an inner perspective - my paintings are basically depicting a disturbed inner reality or a self-perception and I aim to capture the existential struggle, doubts and alienation that comes in the wake of our modern life. This is why my characters
look the way they do - fragmented, broken up and completely disintegrating.

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