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Depict The Mask

  • CGK Centre for Contemporary Art Pasteursvej 5 København, 1799 Denmark (map)

Group show at CGK Center for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, to the theme of portraiture in contemporary art.

This group show sports a line-up of 24 international artists - ranging from new and upcoming to well established names - each taking part with one piece. 

John Reuss will exhibit alongside artists Justin Lee Williams, Jordy Kerwick, Dario Molinari,Francisco Mendes Moreira, Henrik Godsk, Rasmus Højfeldt, João Gabriel, Stefano Perrone, Rene Holm, Enes Debran, Jamie Jonathan Ball, Duda Bebek, Jenny Lundgren, Thom Trojanowski, Ania Trojanowski Hobson, Lee Johnson, Simon Fensholm, Jesse Dayan, Lou Ros, Cistina Lavin, André Lundquist, Louise Cehofski and Galina Munroe.





Curated by Simon Ganshorn and Rasmus Højfeldt

The ancient Egyptians carved idealizations of their rulers and gods in hard stone
and the Romans animated their patriarchs in malleable marble. The complex
marbling within the favorite stone of Roman antiquity skip-skip- skips across the
seas of history, through the renaissance nobility, the grand self-expressions and
fall of the Sun King, arriving at the bourgeoisie that noted, nuanced and colonized
the composite physio- and psychological nature of the individual and the self.
Today’s ubiquity of digital lenses has made the pictorial capture of persons and
situations easy and convenient. We incessantly reproduce each other and
ourselves, and the clicking and snapping constancy of portraiture seems to echo
into infinity. From server farms spread across the globe, weaved by code, an
unbelievable canvas is stretching. A canvas on which the sum of our self-
projecting selfies, duckface derivations, and in essence, the high energy and
interconnected totality of the digital representations of our faces, an obscure
mega-portrait is evoking. A portrait that expresses many things but in particular
it points to some level of culmination on our deep and epoch-traversing
fascination of representation and recognition.

Technology, social media and their civilizational backdrops are some of the
inherent drivers of our fleeting, globally distributed temple of masks. A temple of
wireless colonnades and glowing handheld altarpieces, that gives us conditional
access to the eternally renewing well of the portrait. The word ‘Portrait’ has Old
French and Latin origins. In Old French ‘Portraire’ which simply means ‘to depict’
is a combination of the Latin words ‘pro’ and ‘trahere’, meaning to pull forward,
and by implication, the act of also letting something stay behind.

CGK has invited 24 sculptors, painters and photographers to help us pull forward
a ceremony of our bottomless but nonetheless clear fascinations with portraiture
in its broadest sense – as the art of forthbringing. Come by, show your face, get
an occasion for inexplicable infatuation and be left to your own devices.

Text by Meik Brüsch

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Later Event: September 26
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