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  • Galleri NB Sankt Mathias Gade 14 Viborg, 8800 Denmark (map)

Group show at Galleri NB, Viborg DK. 

John Reuss will be exhibiting alongside German artists Ina Sangenstedt (sculpture), Sabine Beyerle (painting) & Andrea Damp (painting) and Danish artists Kristian Vodder Svensson (painting), Thomas Andersson (sculpture), Thomas Wolsing (mixed media), Tanja Jensen (collage), Ole Tersløse (computer graphics), Mette Rishøj (painting)



- Figures in transformation

The term figurative art is often directly connected with the concept of realism, and artists who aim at capturing "reality" in their work.

However, several leading contemporary artists work with the figurative without ending up in a naive quest to simply reproduce what we see. The figurative is in transformation, recognisable image elements are mixed with alienating abstract grips. Some of these artists are working with classic mediums such as oil paint, clay and plaster, while others are experimenting with atypical, contemporary technical solutions. Often these artists draw on elements from the surrealist tradition and the boundaries between fantasy and reality are blurred.

Despite the obvious diversity between the artists a common point seems to be that none of the artists find it possible to follow a direct path to the field of “reality”. It is unclear whether their motives refers to the world, to our ideas about the world or to an indefinable mental space. With the exhibition Trans-Figuration Gallery NB aims at capturing this very complex tendency in contemporary art.

Transfiguration means transformation and of course refers to a figurative tradition that in recent years has been going through a process of transformation in itself.

Gallery NB puts a hyphen between "trans" and "figuration" to emphasise the etymological elements of the concept. "Trans" refers to "beyond", "on the other side of" or "across". 

Are the artists of this exhibition beyond what we traditionally understand as figuration? 

Have they crossed the classic paradigm that aims to reproduce things, "as they appear"? If so, where do they stand now and what is it that is going on in their works?

These are among the questions that the guests are confronted with at the Trans-Figuration exhibition at Gallery NB

Later Event: September 18
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