This is the homepage of visual artist John Reuss. Here you will find a selection of paintings and drawings as well as information on exhibitions, activities and more regarding John Reuss.


You can also find John Reuss on these sites:

  • Facebook Page: 165686426874374
  • Tumblr: jreuss
  • Twitter: johnreuss
  • Google+: 113440532437666875954

Upcoming Exhibitions

Group show

Galleri NB, Viborg DK

Fall 2015 - dates pending


Latest Uploads

John Reuss #jrp1508


2015. Acrylics & pastels. 36x30 cm


Available at Galleri NB

John Reuss #jr1503

Empty Man

2015. Acrylics & charcoal. 70x50 cm


Available at Galleri NB

John Reuss #jrp1507


2015. Acrylics. 38x29 cm


Available at Galleri NB


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